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The Essential Oil Revolution – w/ Samantha Lee Wright

As the top rated essential oil podcast in the world, with over 1 million downloads to date, The Essential Oil Revolution is not just a show….it’s a Revolution! Each week, Samantha Lee Wright interviews the world’s most innovative and inspiring experts on essential oils, health, fitness, nutrition, and more. Episodes are jam packed full of practical advice, DIY recipes, and healthy living tips.


(The Essential Oil Revolution Podcast is a completely separate entity from the company Young Living Essential Oils. Any information on the show in no way reflects the words or advice of Young Living Essential Oils)

Jan 17, 2017

Long ago, during the height of scientific discovery, two paths diverged. Onepath lead scientists on a path of fame and glamour by studying biochemistry (Newtonian physics, chemistry, medicine and the like) and the other path, bioenergetics, was essentially left for dead. Today however, the world of bioenergetics has taken on a new round of interest and discovery, and the results have been fascinating!

CEO and co-founder of iTovi, Mike Wadman, shares with us the science and purpose behind the fast-growing company, iTovi, and how people are using it to take their health to the next level.

The iTovi devise takes the guesswork out of choosing your supplements and healthcare products. It combines bioenergetic, frequency, and blue tooth technology to turn your cellphone into your own personalized wellness guru.

Simply hold the iTovi devise, hit scan, and then let your body do the rest. iTovi will match your bioenergetic map to the perfect oils for you almost instantaneously.

Tune in to learn the science, the purpose, and the progress of this revolutionary technology.

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