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The Essential Oil Revolution w/ Essential Oils Educator Samantha Lee Wright

As the top rated essential oil podcast in the world, with over 1 million downloads to date, The Essential Oil Revolution is not just a show….it’s a Revolution! Each week, Samantha Lee Wright interviews the world’s most innovative and inspiring experts on essential oils, health, fitness, nutrition, and more. Episodes are jam packed full of practical advice, DIY recipes, and healthy living tips.


(The Essential Oil Revolution Podcast is a completely separate entity from the company Young Living Essential Oils. Any information on the show in no way reflects the words or advice of Young Living Essential Oils)

Nov 24, 2020

"Always leave the gym better than you found it."” – Johnny Williams 

In this episode, former Duke athlete Johnny Williams teaches us why he wishes he found essential oils much sooner. As a trainer, he empowers his clients with the knowledge, skills, support, guidance, and resources to assist and inspire them...

Nov 17, 2020

Breathe in and breathe out.  Such a simple concept, but one that can change the entire course of your life.   

This week we are joined by Jen Broyles, an Essential Oils Specialist, Breathwork Instructor, and Health Coach. She helps individuals restore and optimize their health by calming the nervous system, reducing...

Nov 10, 2020

This week we are excited to welcome back to the show the Oola Guys - Dr. Dave (the OolaSeeker) and Dr. Troy (the OolaGuru), who are world-renowned experts in proper work-life balance. 

See if Oola Coaching is for you:

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Nov 3, 2020

Calling all women - this episode is for you! Back by popular demand, Dr. Kyrin Dunston digs deep into great essential oils for menopause and overall women’s health.  


Dr. Kyrin is a women's functional medicine expert who discovered a root cause resolution approach to weight loss, healing and health that helped her...

Oct 27, 2020

Unfortunately fear and anxiety are very real emotions for so many people in today’s society, and they can often hold you back from doing things you want or need to do. What is so important though is making sure they don’t affect your overall health and wellbeing!  


This week bestselling author, award-winning...